Brownell Electric Corp.

126 East Rd
Fort Edward, NY 12828

Telephone: 518-747-4715

Established: 1995
Company Description:
In business for more than two decades, we are a family-owned business that provides the highest-quality electrical services at affordable prices for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your power distribution, want a back-up source of energy or want to install a photovoltaic array, we have the skills experience and tools to meet your electrical needs.

Types of Work: Commercial, Industrial, Photovoltaic, Residential (New Construction, Existing Buildings Maintenance)
Annual Revenue: $3,000,000
Average Number of Electrical Workers: 23
Services Provided: Electrical Installations & Repairs
Security and Closed Circuit TVs
Card Access and Camera Systems
Surge Protection
Landscape and Emergency Lighting
Emergency Generator Systems
Energy Saving Lighting
LED Lighting
Recessed Lighting
Installations and Repairs
Emergency Lighting
Landscape Lighting
Photovoltaic solar energy systems
New installation
Maintenance programs
Replacement and removal

Certifications: NYSERDA-certified
Awards: National Association of Electrical Contractors Zero Injury Award – 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
National Association of Electrical Contractors Safety Excellence Award – 2014